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The Sustainable Energy Forum (SEF) is a group of individuals and corporate organisations promoting information and supporting action which will help move New Zealand towards a sustainable energy future.

The object of SEF is to promote the transition towards a sustainable energy system in New Zealand. SEF defines a sustainable energy system as being "the sourcing, transformation , use and management of energy in a manner which improves social well-being, while conserving physical resources, maintaining the integrity of ecosystems, and avoiding the transfer of costs to future generations."

SEF promotes this transition in various ways, including preparing submissions and media statements, an electronic energy news and discussion group, its quarterly publication EnergyWatch, and organising conferences and seminars.

Individuals, small energy businesses, institutions, and corporations with an interest in and commitment to sustainable energy are welcome to join the Sustainable Energy Forum. Please see the Membership page for further details.

SEF Headlines

EnergyWatch issue 85 now online20 September 2022.

SEF AGM Seminar June 2021 now online13 July 2021.

EnergyWatch issue 84 now online29 June 2021.

EnergyWatch issue 83 now online24 September 2020.

SEF Submission: New Regional Landfill at Wayby Valley – May 2020.

EnergyWatch issue 82 now online25 April 2020.

SEF Submission: Transmission Pricing Methodology: 2019 Issues Paper – 11 October 2019.

EnergyWatch issue 81 now online23 August 2019.

SEF Submission: Climate Change response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill Submission – 18 July 2019.

Crude oil price review updated20 September 2018. Posted here on the Members' Views page.


The Sustainable Energy Forum Inc was registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005, on 30 June 2008. Its Registration Number is CC36438. Information about the Charities Act, and relevant information about SEF can be found at the Charities Commission website at

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