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February 2017

National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy Submission

In brief, NZ is falling woefully behind other countries in efforts to raise energy efficiency and energy productivity. NZ is very slow in taking actions to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG). NZ is not aggressively working to implement or adapt to the use of new technologies. These factors are impacting negatively on NZ's potential economic growth, whilst they also reveal planning to fail to meet NZ's climate change obligations.

SEF believes New Zealand must do better. To achieve better results the actions and targets included in the strategy must change.




PDF (87KB)

July 2012

Molly Melhuish seminar presentation

The Mixed Ownership Model cannot support sustainable energy in New Zealand. In this presentation Molly showed how electricity market rules have led to high domestic prices and suppressed sustainable energy options. She concluded that re-regulation would be required to overcome market failure, and discussed strategies how to achieve that.




PDF (1.87MB)

July 2012

Geoff Bertram seminar presentation

Electricity prices, asset values, regulation and renewables. In his analysis of the economics mechanisms at work in the electricity sector, Geoff identified some measures that could be theoretically be implemented to promote a sustainable energy future including:

  • Writing off of excess revaluations of assets above original costs;
  • Progressive pricing such as giving consumers 300 kWh/month under the standing charge before per unit charging starts;
  • Taxing windfall profits arising from the Carbon Charge etc.; and
  • Incentives for new small scale distributed generation initiatives

However, such mechanisms would need to be in place before partial transfer of ownership took place, because they would be much harder, if not impossible, to implement after asset sales.




PDF (639KB)

September 2010

Stephan Heubeck seminar presentation

Stephan Heubeck, on behalf of REFIT-NZ, sets out the general benefits of Feed-in Tariffs from an international perspective.




PDF (1.11MB)

September 2010

Steve Goldthorpe seminar presentation

Steve Goldthorpe identifies barriers to the implemention of FiTs in the context of the current competitive electricity market in New Zealand.




PDF (85KB)

January 2010

Minister of Transport Responds to SEF's Open Letter on Transport

The Minister of Transport, Steven Joyce, has responded to SEF's Open Letter on Transport (available on this site here). According to the Minister, "The government considers that road users will not sacrifice personal mobility, even in light of higher oil prices". Read the full text of the Minister's response here.





November 2009

SEF Seminar on Electric Vehicles 6 Nov 2009

  1. Recent developments in electric vehicle technology, by Doug Clover.
  2. Greenhouse consequences of electric vehicles in New Zealand, by Steve Goldthorpe.
  3. Use of electricity for transport: An overview, by Tim Jones.
  4. Understanding electric vehicles in New Zealand, by Hayden Scott-Dye.




1.  PDF (610KB)

2. PDF (70KB)

3. PDF (87KB)

4. PDF (5.37MB)


September 2009

Sustainable Energy Forum submission on the Ministerial Review of the Electricity Market

Ministerial review of the electricity market improving electricity market performance discussion documents submission to the ministry of economic development, 16 september 2009.




PDF (~413KB)

August 2009

An Open Letter to the Minister of Transport

The Sustainable Energy Forum calls for a transport policy rethink in the light of the International Energy Agency's latest oil supply warnings.




PDF (~26KB)

July 2009

Submission to Minister of Energy, on proposals for introduction of "smart meters"

DEUN and SEF call for a moratorium on the installation of "smart meters" until electricity retailers agree on how to make them really smart.




PDF (~390KB)

July 2009

Submission on the RUC Amendment

SEF's submission regarding the RUC Amendment.




PDF (~344KB)

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